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Mary's Irish Fiddle Lessons

A truly unique approach to learning Irish fiddle from the very beginning:

I'd been teaching Irish fiddle for several years when my daughter started taking Suzuki violin lessons. As I sat in her lessons, I realized that many of the skills I was teaching my fiddle students were the same skills I'd been taught as a Suzuki violin student years ago.  The method weaves a step-by-step, easily digestible approach with immersing oneself in the music as a lifestyle.  As I followed along in her journey, and began my Suzuki teacher training, I started researching, collecting, and developing curriculum and repretoire that I could use for teaching Irish fiddle. 

The approach uses 3 books that I developed specifically for Irish fiddle.  There are recordings that accompany each of the books, recorded by All-Ireland medalist Claire Vanorny (fiddle), and accompanied by Benjamin Vanorny (piano).  Each book has an emphasis--the first on ear training, the second on beginner skills, and the third on establishing rhythm through bow patterns.  Skills are introduced throughout each book to give you forward steps and refinement opportunities. The books take you from beginner to confident player and have a thoughtful approach to continuing your Irish music journey. 

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