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  • Suzuki Violin: Mary is a trained Suzuki Violin teacher and offers private Suzuki lessons. The Suzuki Method (developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki) teaches music skills in an immersive way, much like you would learn a language. The idea is that a student hears the 'language', and begins to 'speak' it while developing skills that support it. ​​

  • Irish Fiddle: Mary has developed a unique approach that mirrors the skills and techniques introduced in the Suzuki Method with a special focus on skills needed for Irish fiddling.  Like the Suzuki Method, music is taught in an immersive way, and there is a heavy emphasis on learning music by ear.  


  • Available for camps, festivals, fiddle groups, schools, community demonstrations, and more. Previous workshop titles include:

    • Fiddle or Violin?​ - introduced 5th grade orchestra students to some secrets of fiddling.

    • Intro to Irish Music - introduced K-5 students to various aspects of Irish culture, including fiddling.

    • Starting with Polkas - taught adult beginner fiddlers how to approach an Irish polka as a fiddler.

    • Fiddle Tune of the Day - taught all ages a fiddle tune (online).

    • More Than Notes: Jig Edition - taught all ages intermediate players bowing and rhythm in Irish jigs.

    • Tune Circle - taught 3-4 Irish tunes to all ages intermediate/advanced students.

    • and many more!


  • Mary has teamed up with Patrick Maun (uilleann pipes) and others in the Twin Cities for the 'Stay Tuned' Twin Cities Sessions, happening via Zoom during Covid.  You can find more information on the facebook event or email Mary for a Zoom link.