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  • Suzuki Violin: Mary is a trained Suzuki Violin teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience, and offers private Suzuki lessons. The Suzuki Method (developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki) teaches music skills in an immersive way, much like you would learn a language. The idea is that a student hears the 'language', and begins to 'speak' it while developing skills that support it. ​​Mary teaches Suzuki Violin in-person at her home studio.  Find out more about the Suzuki Method here:

  • Irish Fiddle: Mary has developed a unique approach that mirrors the skills and techniques introduced in the Suzuki Method with a special focus on skills needed for Irish fiddling.  Like the Suzuki Method, music is taught in an immersive way, and there is a heavy emphasis on learning music by ear.  Mary teaches Irish fiddle both in-person and online through the Center for Irish Music, or online from her home studio. 

**update 01/2023

Mary currently has a full in-person home studio, and a fairly full Center for Irish Music schedule--we might be able to squeeze in one more lesson.  Daytime online zoom fiddle lessons are available. In-person lessons may be available again at the beginning of Spring Term (February) or at the beginning of Summer Term (June).



  • Local Tune Session (all ages) - (Sept - Nov 2022) Register for this class through the Center for Irish Music

  • Starling Youth Ensemble (ages 12-17) - (Sept 2022 - May 2023) Register for this class through the Center for Irish Music

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